At Monster, we strive to be united, but not uniform. We view diversity in our own workforce as not only a strategic advantage but as a driver of great performance, a source of personal and common achievement and essential to our growth as a company. Reflecting those we serve, the Monster workforce is a global mosaic of talents, knowledge, insights and skills. We realize that to grow by offering innovative services to the largest possible number and variety of consumers across the globe, we must be representative of the greatest possible range of needs, cultures, desires and values.

To that end, we:

  • Build into our work the fullest possible range of perspectives, cultures and knowledge.
  • Do business with customers as diverse as humanity — focusing on their needs, goals and outcomes.
  • Deliberately communicate the strategic value of diversity in our hiring, product development, marketing, sales, service, and business processes.
  • Hire and do business with people from all walks of life, and include their knowledge, insight and perspective in our products and our behavior.
  • Measure our performance in achieving diversity, on a domestic and global scale.

Here, we continue to celebrate the many differences that make each of us unique, and know that it is these differences that help make Monster a successful enterprise. It is our ongoing goal to create a culturally aware workforce that mirrors the makeup of the interconnected world in which we live and in the process create new ways of thinking and new ways of creating opportunities.

Monster offers a wealth of information about the benefits of diversity in the workplace, as well as extensive resources for diverse candidates, through Monster's Diversity and Inclusion Recruitment Solutions.